Automotive connector automatic assembly line

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • After the vibration plate is loaded, the equipment automatically performs Pin bending, cutting, inserting and inspection, and then carries a good Tray disk, different stations NG products remove
  • Manual auxiliary equipment for terminal tray, sub-material loading and Tray disc packing labeling (uploading period of 1h or more)
  • Quickly change the machine, Scalability solution (20PIN-40PIN)
  • Quickly change the machine
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Product Details

Product description

Male connector

Technical Parameters

Productivity:  ≤13second

Pass rate: ≥99.6%

Power input: 220VAC, 60HZ

Compressed air: 0.5-0.65Mpa

Accuracy requirements: +/-0.03MM

Line size(mm MM): 2020W*1500D*1900H