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  • LED automation trend

    LED automation trend

    With the introduction and popularization of industry standards and the gradual maturity of lamp assembly process, the automation of LED industry has been gradually developed from the automation of single machine to the automation of whol...

    2018-08-13   79

  • The Main Sensor On The Car.

    The Main Sensor On The Car.

    Air flow sensor is the intake of air into electrical signals sent to the electronic control unit (ECU), as the decision to inject one of the basic signal. According to the different measurement principle, can be divided into rotary wing ...

    2018-06-09   93

  • A Wide Variety Of Sensors, The Common Are:

    A Wide Variety Of Sensors, The Common Are:

    Intake pressure sensor: reflect the intake manifold within the absolute pressure of the change, is to the ECU (engine electronic control unit) to provide fuel injection duration of the reference signal;Air flowmeter: measure the amount o...

    2018-06-09   84

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