A Wide Variety Of Sensors, The Common Are:

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Intake pressure sensor: reflect the intake manifold within the absolute pressure of the change, is to the ECU (engine electronic control unit) to provide fuel injection duration of the reference signal;

Air flowmeter: measure the amount of air sucked into the engine, provided to the ECU as the fuel injection time of the reference signal;

Throttle position sensor: measure the angle of the throttle opening, provided to the ECU as a broken oil, control fuel / air ratio, ignition advance angle correction of the reference signal;

Crankshaft position sensor: the detection of crankshaft and engine speed, provided to the ECU as the ignition timing and work sequence to determine the reference signal;

Oxygen sensor: detects the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas and provides the ECU as a reference signal for controlling the fuel / air ratio near the optimum value (theoretical value)

Intake air temperature sensor: detects the intake air temperature, provided to the ECU as the calculated air density

Automotive Sensors

Automotive Sensors

in accordance with;

Coolant temperature sensor: the temperature of the coolant to the ECU to provide engine temperature information;

Knock sensor: installed in the cylinder on the specific detection of the engine deflagration conditions, provided to the ECU according to the signal to adjust the ignition advance angle.

These sensors are mainly used in transmission, direction, suspension and ABS.