The Main Sensor On The Car.

2018-06-09 18:17:46 93

Air flow sensor is the intake of air into electrical signals sent to the electronic control unit (ECU), as the decision to inject one of the basic signal. According to the different measurement principle, can be divided into rotary wing air flow sensor, card door vortex air flow sensor, hot air flow sensor and hot film air flow sensor four types. The first two for the volume flow type, the latter two for the mass flow type. Mainly used hot air flow sensor and hot film air flow sensor two.

The intake pressure sensor can measure the absolute pressure in the intake manifold according to the load state of the engine and convert it into the electric signal and the speed signal into the computer as the basis for determining the basic fuel injection quantity of the injector. Widely used in the semiconductor varistor-type intake pressure sensor.

The throttle position sensor is mounted on the throttle valve to detect the opening of the throttle valve. It through the lever mechanism and throttle linkage, and then reflect the different conditions of the engine. This sensor can be different engine conditions detected after the input electronic control unit (ECU), thus controlling the different fuel injection. It has three types: switch contact throttle position sensor, linear variable resistive throttle position sensor, integrated throttle position sensor.