Temperature control switch assembly automaton

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Keywords: Temperature control switch machine   /   switch assembly automaton   /   Temperature switch assembly automaton

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Dust proof and low noise
  • The front and rear sections can be produced separately
  • The operation is simple, the abnormal tracking alarm in real time, and the maintenance is convenient.
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Product Details


Including automatic setting  contact, upper procelain seat, silver point, riveting silver point, upper bimetal, missing inspection, upper moving contact, upper lug, NG, finished product

The main application of the appliance switch industry

Technical Parameters

Capacity: V=25PCS/MIN

Voltage: U=200-240 VAC 50-60HZ

Air pressure:P=4.5-8KGF/CM2

Feeding method: Vibrating plate automatic feeding

Machine layout: 3500*1000*1700(L*W*H)